I Need an Overhaul

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You are feeling so sick and tired of your old ways, unhealthy habits, and fighting your own sabotaging thoughts and beliefs. 

You have a vision of who it is that you want to become. You see other people "doing the work" and achieving everything that they want in their life, and you're not.
You're still stuck and stagnant.
You're still feeling unhealthy, unhappy...unhealed.


You've done "all the work";   you've read all the books, you're listening to podcasts. You might even have hired a personal trainer or coach. And you're still feeling like something just isn't connecting.
Or all of the things that worked for you before, just aren't working now. Or aren't resonating. And you have no idea what will work anymore.

Maybe you have all the tools and resources you think you need to get to this higher version of yourself, but she still feels unreachable.

You're sick and tired of being well, sick and tired.

You're starting to think that being tired, fatigued, unhealthy, unhappy is just a part of facing life and getting older, right? (That's what people/society tell you?)
If you've been feeling this way, I promise, you're not alone.
Regardless of what Instagram and Tiktok are showing and telling you.


I told you that you are EXACTLY where you're meant to be.

That you're feeling this way because somewhere down the timeline, the best and highest version of you is SCREAMING at you to take control, quit settling and get out of this rut. You can hear her and that's why you feel so drained and exhausted right now. You know you're meant to feel, attract and be a higher vibrating version of yourself right now.

When we vibe low, we attract low. We think low. When we vibe HIGH...well guess what? What we truly want easily enters our experience.

So the question is...

If you've done ALL THE WORK...tried ALL THE THINGS...

What do I actually have to do to finally feel healed?

Finally feel like I'm thriving in my life?

That I'm at a place where I feel healthy and happy in my body? Where my subconscious mind is level with my conscious?


What's included?

90 Day Becoming the Butterfly Program:

Initial Health Assessment to assess physical health complaints and symptoms and get a recommendation plan going to bring the body systems back to balance.

10% off clinical grade supplements and 10% off Auto Ship registration.

2 One hour bi-weekly sessions on zoom each month to discuss monthly initiatives and to follow up and course correct.

Worksheets and projects assigned for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health transformation. (ALLLL my guides, How-to's, protocols, trackers, affirmation list and journal prompts.)

Access to my online yoga studio that includes tutorials, classes and home workouts during the program.

Access to my vision board workshop during the program.

Access to my three day juice cleanse program. (Keep forever!)

Weekly Check-ins with feedback.

$5000 VALUE

Order supplements through my Fullscript store.

In this powerful, highly supportive One on One Coaching Program, I'll teach you everything you need to do (and what not to do!) to get your body and mind in alignment and move from the caterpillar to the thriving and healed butterfly version that is your higher self.

Here are a few ways to sign up!

Payment Plan (4 monthly installments)

Paid in full

Laura Almas
Laura Almas
Kylie is an amazing instructor. I practiced with her in Thompson, Manitoba and virtually. She provides excellent instruction and can adapt routines to fit any level of fitness. She helped me tremendously with my sciatica. Personally she is a vibrant and amazing woman 🙂 definitely recommend her as an instructor ☀️
LaVonne Toews
LaVonne Toews
I enjoyed practicing yoga with Kylie over Zoom during Covid 19. She's a good teacher, she kept it varied and fun. I am sure it was not easy for her to teach this without seeing what her students were doing. I would recommend her wellness classes.
Hannah McDyer
Hannah McDyer
Kylie is very personable, experienced and thorough. She has an extensive knowledge of the wellness industry from holistic nutrition, to gym advice and everything in between. I miss being able to attend her yoga classes, especially her infamous “power flows”.
Kerri-Ann Sweeny
Kerri-Ann Sweeny
Sweetest girl and super kind and welcoming 🙂 100% recommend her!
Jennifer Werrell
Jennifer Werrell
Kylie is one of my favourite people, she’s such a kind and genuine person. Her yoga classes helped me immensely during Lockdowns. They flowed so nicely and I never got bored!
Crystal Fleury
Crystal Fleury
I contacted Kylie after I was prescribed a lifelong medication to control my thyroid in 2017. Kylie provided me with a nutrition and supplement plan and within 3 months, my thyroid stabilized and it has remained stable since that time.
Kristie Crate
Kristie Crate
Kylie is incredible! She’s a well-rounded practitioner who has so many tools in her tool belt to help you reach your goals. She’s enthusiastic, client-centred, trauma-informed, kind, empathetic, my list could go on and on. If you’re wondering if something in your life could be different, or that little voice inside you is telling you it should be different, go see Kylie.

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