Easy peasy Kombucha

Kombucha is a wonderful and amazing cultured probiotic beverage. People have been consuming fermented foods for thousands of years. Lately, kombucha has become the latest fad, with every health food

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Chicory Root Latte

One of the most delicious beverages I have ever drank is the delectable coffee. Or latte. Or espresso. It’s all yummy. Sigh. But does yummy come with a price? I’m

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Happy Thanksgiving

Ah fall. The north is glistening with golds, reds and oranges, and Canada geese are everywhere. The weather is crisp for fall bike rides and October fires. And my personal fave

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Dairy free Pumpkin Pie

The yummiest Dairy and Gluten free pumpkin pie you will ever eat! Feel free to take any substitutions! Easy peasy you won’t want to eat store-bought again! Print Recipe Dairy

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