Marketing Design + Strategy

I’m an M.

I’m a social entrepreneur. I like the people part of business. Building the community, creating culture, leading with a strong voice and gathering and implementing ideas that work.

Let me explain-

In 2013 I had the pleasure to meet and listen to Ernesto Sirolli, Italian author, and expertise in local development. He explained the Psychology of Entrepreneurship, and something called “The Trinity of Management”

Just watch this and you’ll get it:

In all successful businesses you must have three precise areas to be successful

P- Your product or service

M- Marketing and Sales

F- Financial management and control

So, I am an M. It’s how I weave my love for all industries together, because of the people part. The promotions, the community, the content creating…MARKETING.

So now what are you?

Small business owners in start-up sometimes make the mistake of trying to do everything all at once, simply because there are no funds for outsourcing. This represents a lack of planning and research and usually will contribute to that well known statistic that most businesses fail within the first two years. This is why. These three areas are not outlined properly. You can’t do it all, no matter what kind of unicorn you think you are.

You must identify who you are in the trinity first, and then outsource with people that fit the vision of where your business is going. Maybe you aren’t the product or service but still want to be an entrepreneur because you know finance or love analytics. Then you need to source out a product and how to market it. Identification on your skills and talent is essential.

You hire a bookkeeper and/or accountant for your finances, you should hire a Marketing director or designer for your media campaigns and projects.

Marketing seems to be confusing for millennials and anyone older. We are heavy in the age of tech. We have our grandparents telling us being on our phone is wasted time, and our kids practically living off their phones. “TikTok is just for kids”, and bla bla bla.

So, what is Marketing?

Marketing is the activity, institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value. And my version of this is heaaaavy on the visuals, the engaging content, the inspiring captions. Marketing isn’t all corporate, and I think that’s where the disconnect comes in. Sometimes people think if content is beautiful or entertaining, that it is just for play. Could not be further from the facts friends, and you are missing the train at the monetization station.

Ok well what is Social Media?

Social media are web-based applications that provide space for marketing to consumers. For example, Facebook and Instagram are social media applications that have been marketing to us (the consumer) to use for connecting and networking with people and community, but it’s purpose is to target market consumers to brands. We as users, are the consumers. So, when your dad laughs at you for playing around on Facebook all day for your business, he doesn’t understand the monetization of marketing yourself and business on the platform. He’s been conditioned to believe that Facebook is merely a source of news and entertainment. -Well done Facebook marketing!

Social media is still all those things, but the moment you realize the true intention, you can start to monetize it and utilize it for what it’s really meant for and increase business revenue for you.

Why is it important?

It’s 2022. If a consumer is looking for a product or service they’re most looking online. Millennials are going to Instagram, elder millennials and Gen-X are going to Facebook, and Gen-Z is going to TikTok. It’s not that defining though. We’re all online across the platforms is what I’m saying. And they’re looking for good ratings, helpful reviews, and popularity. There is nothing worse than someone going to your website or Instagram and its outdated or not functioning. It provides the message that your services are of lower quality.

Proper online representation is everything these days.

Marketing Design:

Your website, logos and socials should all have the colours, fonts and images that reflect your brand and mission. A consumer should associate with the feelings and idealisms that are at the heart of your business.

Marketing Analytics

Analytics is measuring the data (the content you posted) so you can see what is working and what is not. You might have a great idea for an Instagram reel, and it produces low engagement. That’s ok, it’s data that tells you your community didn’t resonate as well with that post than others. It’s constantly changing to see what works and doesn’t, refining every time. This is why Marketing is confusing. Finance stays the same- accounting doesn’t change. But markets, ideas and branding constantly do. That makes it intimidating and hard to keep up with when you are focused on other areas of your business. (As you should be)

So how can I help?

I’m and ENFP (a Myers Briggs Type– something I’ll assess you on so I can understand how you think, visualize, and communicate.) Psychology is a key factor in understanding my client’s brand and mission. Anyway- as an ENFP I love start ups, clean ups, and automation for the highest efficiencies achievable. My key focus for your Marketing plan fall here:




The Plan:

Step 1: Information Gathering:

Our very first step is to meet (face to face is always better), but Zoom is sometimes all we got! I need context when you’re explaining who you are, who your business is and what you see for it. I want to see your studio, store or workspace. I want to feel your product and understand it’s use. (This helps me with the difficult task my clients’ have of articulating in words what their vision is inside their head.

I’ll ask a series of questions so I can make a picture in my own head of the culture, backstory and mission of your business.

This is also why I love psychology. Knowing your Myers Briggs type is something we get off the list right away. (Even if that seems a little weird!)

I would like you to provide me with your top three competitors feeds or social platforms. If you genuinely think you have none, show me your favourite accounts that share your ideal aesthetic or vibe (The visuals and feels) From there I can create graphics and content.

Step 2: Assessment

Our second step is to see what ya have. Am I cleaning up? (Optimization) or am I creating from scratch? (Branding)

Step 3: Design + Strategy:

From there I provide you with a sample social media strategy and outline for you to review and provide feedback on.

  • Raw Content:  I need high quality graphics and videos to edit (these can be shared with me on a Google drive) we can discuss all areas and options and DIY in this area
  • Captivating Captions and proper hashtags: I provide on-brand captions that align with the visual and feel of the post and match it with target hashtags.
  • Engagement- Some clients love engaging with their community online (I recommend this) and I can also share this task, or I can do it completely.

    Step 4: Implementation 

    I then implement the vision and boom- away we go.

    Step 5: Data Measuring

    I constantly review your metrics to see what is performing well and make changes as we go along.

    Additional Services:

    • Back-end web design, updates, and analytics
    • Google analytics
    • Provide suggestions for collaborations, giveaways and challenges.
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