Natural remedies for colds and flus

Cold and flu season is upon us!

As a natural health practitioner, my focus is on helping the body heal itself naturally whenever possible.

Here are some of my personal tips and tricks for battling the worst season of the year for getting sick!

Not with hand sanitizer, with real soap and water! Think of all the door handles, interac machines, phone receivers, reception counters, and chairs or benches you’ve touched. You’d like to think they’re sanitized multiple times per day, but the truth is, they’re not! Or at least- you’re not privy to know when or how often they’re cleaned. So like your mom always said, wash up when you get in the house or before you sit down to eat, etc.

Get your sleep!
I don’t know about you, but my kids are waist deep in after school activities, I myself am running multiple programs on top of a regular work load. Sound familiar? Or maybe you’re working multiple shifts, or on shift work, or on call, or going to school with never ending homework or studying. Sooner or later you’re going to burn out. We are all human. We all have the same amount of time in a day as the next person. Let go of things that don’t serve you or your family well, and make time for yourself to rest! Get 6-8 hours of sleep. Exercise and eating nutrient dense food will help with falling asleep if you’re having trouble.

When you actually feel a cold or flu coming on, avoid dairy and refined sugar to keep inflammation down. Try these amazing super foods and remedies as well.

It is an anti-fungal superfood. Eat it as much as you can! I even use it mixed with olive oil and dropped into the ear to help with ear infections.

I boil them in water and add honey to make a cough syrup and it works wonders!

Ginger helps with a lot of upset stomachs and nausea. Sipping ginger tea helps soothe the throat, and helps with headache.

This golden root is anti inflammatory and helps with pain relief. The taste is bitter, but if you mix it into a tea with coconut milk and honey it’s easy to consume. Or you can purchase capsules. Check out my fave here

Nettle leaf
I love using nettle leaf in tea because it really helps alleviate seasonal allergy symptoms, and nausea. It’s safe for pregnant women too.

Apple cider vinegar– (with the mother in it. I know that sounds weird- but regular vinegar won’t work! Braggs is the absolute best brand and widely used for this purpose alone!)
Drinking a few tbsp diluted with water first thing in the morning helps to alkalize the body and helps kill viruses and bacteria. Beware! It tastes like pickle juice 🙂

Bone broth– good ol’ chicken soup broth. It is very high in the anti-inflammatory amino acids glycine and proline, and contain marrow to help fight infection. Super easy to make!

1 whole chicken (bone in is a must)
16cups fresh water
2 onions chopped
4 whole carrots
4 whole celery sticks
Tarragon and thyme bundled
Salt and pepper

Let the above come to a boil, and then add as many chopped veggies as you like, or keep it as is and strain to just have broth. I always like to add a ton of veggies and make soup.

Simmer for 4-5 hours. There will be fat on the top- don’t get rid of this! You can use any meat with bones. Portion what you don’t eat that day and freeze in containers for later use.

I hope you enjoyed these remedies! I have used them faithfully for years on myself, my children and my clients. I am not a doctor though and none of these remedies should ever replace medical advice. Whenever possible though, try to remedy yourself and look for the root cause.

Here’s to a healthy fall season!



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