Holistic Healthcare Appointments with me

What I do as a Health Practitioner:

Over the last ten years, I have worked with hundreds and hundreds of women to balance their hormones, clean up digestion, get better skin, and improve their quality of life.  I ask questions about lifestyle and try and learn the emotional and mental health of each and every one of my clients. I know that these two pillars of health are what cause a lot of our physical health issues. I know this because like a lot of women, I’ve lived it.

So now it’s time to work at getting back to “normal”  A normal that feels like a life full of energy, passion and vitality. Where you feel comfortable on the inside, as well as the outside.

What a typical session looks like with me:

Step 1: Prior Assessment

You fill out the health assessment form prior to meeting with me so I can get an overview of your reasons meeting with me. (This is free as it is just an assessment)

Step 2: Meet in Consultation

From there we meet in person or on some type of visual calling app. (Facetime, zoom etc.) If you have recent blood work or diagnostic lab results related to your current issues, it would be super helpful to bring these with you. This session is $200 and covers our consultation together and the recommendations I build for you. This can be made by e-transfer to [email protected]

Step 3: Recommendation Delivery

I make notes of your experiences, symptoms and do visual examinations during our time together.

Step 4: Ongoing support until outcome is reached.

From there, I will provide recommendations on diet, supplements/herbs/tinctures and lifestyle. This is an depth tailor made overview that is made just for you. Following private health regulations, these recommendations are delivered from my online dispensary called Fullscript. You will get a text and/or email notifying you of this. Because these recommendations are tailor made, I do ask for 3-5 business days for me to get this to you.  Supplement recommendations on average are $30-$200.   fill these prescriptions.

As my client, you can text me or email me anytime with your questions. I may not get back to you right away, but I will and I let all of my clients know that access to me is important. I want to make sure you feel heard and supported. For more in depth communication and access, we can move into a coaching program if that suits your needs better.

What clients’ typically ask me for support in:

Digestive Health
○ Food sensitivities and allergies,
○ Excess/too little stomach acid,
○ Liver, Gall bladder and Colon Cleansing
○ Gut Health, Candida Protocol
○ Diabetes and blood sugar related issues
○ Sugar Addiction
○ Acne and other skin related issues.
○ Support for Autoimmune disorders

Women’s Health
○ Infertility, Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
○ Hormonal imbalances (Reproductive/Glandular)
○ Adrenal Fatigue

Pediatric Nutrition
○ Picky eaters,
○ First foods,
○ Underweight, overweight,
○ Food sensitivities,
○ Sugar addictions,
○ Menu options,

Mental Health
○ Anxiety,
○ Depression,
○ Eating disorders

Disclaimer: These services are not meant to heal, cure or treat any condition and does not replace medical advice.

Let’s do this!!

Check out my full dispensary of high quality grade supplements I use to prescribe to my clients. Create an account and explore. (Assessments with me prior are recommended). You can also refill your prescriptions here.

Purchase products through our Fullscript virtual dispensary.