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When I was younger, and overweight, I didn’t really know what I needed to be fulfilled. I did what most people do and I changed my eating habits- physically- good results, and hit the gym- physically- good results. But emotionally and mentally I think I was just coasting. I turned to yoga when times got tough, and it truly showed me how to look deeper, how to look at the big universal picture, and connect with my soul on a spiritual level. This is the essence of holistic health. To be aware that we need to be fulfilled, satisfied and successful in not only the physical, but also the mental, emotional AND spiritual aspects of our lives.
It is this understanding that I enjoy bringing forward and teaching to those that still feel lost and disconnected. Searching for that fulfillment, but in this society, aren’t even aware that they have an emotional or spiritual deficiency.

I incorporate all areas of health into a tailor made program that fits and works just for you.

I will help you find the right meal program and yoga or exercise program, BUT I will help you with so much more. I will help you to honour, love, respect and value your body, mind and soul. To move out of the ego, to feel your emotions, and to find your true purpose. I can guide you on how to move into your most authentic version of yourself and reach real, long lasting, attainable goals.

What’s included:

  • Online weekly check-ins
  • Online monthly check-ins
  • Whole foods meal plan
  • Exercise program you can use at home or the gym (with video links)
  • Yoga & Mobility programs if needed
  • All the love & support from me!

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My program is a four month commitment to show up yourself, and see and feel realistic changes.              $150 p/mth.

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