Virtual Counselling & Led Practice

Virtual Counselling &
Life Coaching

$85 p/hr

These sessions are all about you and how I can help you brainstorm ways to get unstuck at work, business, school or life in general. Sometimes it’s working through trauma, old patterns, bad habits, and discovering ways to transform and thrive. I want to know the reasons that brought you to me, where you want to go in your life, and what you want your future self to be. 

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Virtual Led Practice

$85 CDN p/hr
This one hour interactive virtual experience is a one on one instructional program made just for you.

Led Yoga for mobility/flexibility: We can focus on current ailments, or I can simply guide you to improving flexibility, strength, joint mobility, circulation and breath control.

Led Yoga Practice: I will offer you a full private class taught to you on zoom

Led Meditation Practice: I will lead you through a meditation practice on zoom.

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