Like a lot of the people I connect with, I’ve experienced a lot of trauma. It’s been a long journey, but without those experiences and lessons, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I wouldn’t be able to fully understand or connect with people the way I want to, without coming from a place of being hurt, and healing from it. Healed people, heal people.

So this is how I live my life! With purpose, and with a big huge heart. Life is meant to be lived. Experienced. But I also believe in divine intervention. That there is a reason why we are here, a reason for our circumstance, and a lesson to be learned in everything. But we also have to put in the work.

I want to inspire people to become the best version of themselves. To realize their potential, to not worry about what anyone thinks of them, and to live in a way that brings peace and happiness.

Here we grow!

The best is yet to come.
Connect with me!