Hey there I’m Kylie!

Author, Nutritionist, Yogi and Health Coach for women who are ready to transform their lives by learning to heal their bodies, minds and relationships so they can know what is actually feels like to live and thrive after trauma, hardship or sabotaging beliefs about themselves.

It’s my mission to help women SEE the sun after the rain. To help pull them out of rock bottom. To guide them step by step from life’s littlest to biggest hurdles and challenges and know that there is an abundance of love, healing, passion and purpose to be met on the other side.

What I truly value about my services to you is my enormous amount of relatability. I was raised by a single mom and my grandparents, severely overweight as a child, bullied, married young, stayed too long in a mentally, physically and emotionally abusive relationship, and have dedicated the last six years to unlearning and relearning emotional regulation, higher self worth and standards, healing my inner child and how to raise securely attached and emotionally stable daughters through it all. The systems in place have changed my perspective on the injustice and grossly unequal disadvantage women in marginalized groups experience. I will always fiercely advocate women’s rights.

I DESPERATELY wished someone held my hand through some of these rock bottom moments, I felt like I did not know a single soul who could relate to me. It’s simply not true though. So many women, so many people- have experienced similar things I did. We just have been taught not to talk about it. To go through this all alone.

I’ve been practicing holistic health since I was a child, and knew from such a young age that healing was more than just physical, even thought that is a crucial component. Our physical body is the vehicle that carries us through this life. We need to take care of it. But not to forget to take care of who’s inside driving that vehicle. I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was merely 19 years old. Adding new tools to my heavy belt of resources needed to navigate to higher standards of women’s health, healing and advocacy.

And something big is meant for you too. If you learned to get unstuck, get out of your head, and dive into the life you were gifted with.

You’re never alone. Not while you have me in your corner. xx