Change Your Mind- Women's Mindset Development Coaching

You've done "all the work";  you've read all the books, you're listening to podcasts. You might even have hired a personal trainer or coach. And you're still feeling like something just isn't connecting.
Or all of the things that worked for you before, just aren't working now. Or aren't resonating. And you have no idea what will work anymore.

Maybe you have all the tools and resources you think you need to get to this higher version of yourself, but she still feels unreachable.

You're sick and tired of being well, sick and tired.

You're starting to think that being tired, fatigued, unhealthy, unhappy is just a part of facing life and getting older, right? (That's what people/society tell you?)
If you've been feeling this way, I promise, you're not alone.

This honestly was the biggest battle for me as well. My conscious new what I needed, and I just could not get my subconscious mind to connect. WHYYYYY is this? Trauma plays a huge part of that. And if you're thinking, I never had trauma?? It may just be from old stories you keep telling yourself are true, OR you're just self sabotaging. Remember though, those thoughts came from somewhere. Identifying where they came from so you can rewrite the story is one of the first steps.

It's time to elevate, transform- whatever *magical* word you want to use. It's time.

  • Tired of being in the same relationships? Let's change that
  • Tired of being unhappy with your body? Let's change that
  • Tired of not making the career or business moves you KNOW are destined for you? Well let's change that.
You want it so bad because your highest self already has it down the timeline and is looking at you wondering why it's taking you so long to figure out.
This is all in your mind. Your current habits are just that. Habits. Just takes a little mental muscle to learn new ones. To rewire yourself. All you have to do it commit and be consistent.
Regardless, you're not chained to this story. If you feel stuck or that nothing you do changes your circumstance, I am so excited to help you change that perspective and walk into a completely different life. A brand new you.
Kylie xx

Are you...

READY to give your relationships a GLOW-UP with a little attachment theory methodology, aiming for deeper bonds and fewer "why did I settle for that?" moments?

SO DONE with being your own biggest roadblock, and looking for the secret sauce to kick self-sabotage to the curb?

ON A MISSION to boost your self-worth and build the self confidence that feels AMAZING

DREAMING big and ready to learn the art of manifesting, turning your "I really wish I could have" into "Everything I want comes easily to me" realities?

EXCITED to learn to practice gratitude, build mental toughness, and transform all your "why me's" into "TRY ME"

What would it look like if...

You could apply attachment theory into your relationships with other people and YOURSELF; transforming connections with deeper understanding and alignment?

You legit learned to turn off the self-sabotage switch, stepping into each day with your head held high and heart full of ambition?

Your self-worth and confidence weren't just on a good day thing, but a forever feeling?

Manifesting wasn't just a cute trend, but your new normal, turning dreams into your everyday reality?

Gratitude and mental strength were your go-to's, making you not just resilient, but empowered and armed to go through anything in life.

I'm going to teach you how to..

IDENTIFY your attachment style and learn to incorporate practical attachment theory techniques into your daily interactions.

Identify and DISMANTLE self-sabotaging habits, providing you with tools to build confidence and get after all of your goals in work, your body and relationships.

IMPLEMENT daily practices that boost your self-worth and confidence, ensuring these feelings become second nature in your life.

APPLY step-by-step manifesting methods that transform your aspirations into tangible outcomes.

ADOPT simple yet powerful gratitude and mental strength exercises, fortifying your resilience and positivity, no matter what is happening in your life. xx

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Laura Almas
Laura Almas
Kylie is an amazing instructor. I practiced with her in Thompson, Manitoba and virtually. She provides excellent instruction and can adapt routines to fit any level of fitness. She helped me tremendously with my sciatica. Personally she is a vibrant and amazing woman 🙂 definitely recommend her as an instructor ☀️
LaVonne Toews
LaVonne Toews
I enjoyed practicing yoga with Kylie over Zoom during Covid 19. She's a good teacher, she kept it varied and fun. I am sure it was not easy for her to teach this without seeing what her students were doing. I would recommend her wellness classes.
Hannah McDyer
Hannah McDyer
Kylie is very personable, experienced and thorough. She has an extensive knowledge of the wellness industry from holistic nutrition, to gym advice and everything in between. I miss being able to attend her yoga classes, especially her infamous “power flows”.
Kerri-Ann Sweeny
Kerri-Ann Sweeny
Sweetest girl and super kind and welcoming 🙂 100% recommend her!
Jennifer Werrell
Jennifer Werrell
Kylie is one of my favourite people, she’s such a kind and genuine person. Her yoga classes helped me immensely during Lockdowns. They flowed so nicely and I never got bored!
Crystal Fleury
Crystal Fleury
I contacted Kylie after I was prescribed a lifelong medication to control my thyroid in 2017. Kylie provided me with a nutrition and supplement plan and within 3 months, my thyroid stabilized and it has remained stable since that time.
Kristie Crate
Kristie Crate
Kylie is incredible! She’s a well-rounded practitioner who has so many tools in her tool belt to help you reach your goals. She’s enthusiastic, client-centred, trauma-informed, kind, empathetic, my list could go on and on. If you’re wondering if something in your life could be different, or that little voice inside you is telling you it should be different, go see Kylie.