Live with greater intention! 30 Day Live Well Program- Free Download


After completing Andy Frisella's Mental Toughness Challenge, 75hard, I thought of a way I can offer a similar program to my community that is aligned with holistic health- doing the inner work, taking care of our mental and emotional health, as well as the physical body.

75 Hard is a mental toughness challenge, and it's tough. But does everything have to be tough and hard to be successful? Maybe sometimes, yes. These days I'm figuring out ways to help myself, and my clients build sustainable and long lasting wellness habits to help them live the most aligned and authentic life possible.

My Live Well Program is 30 days. There are arguments that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. Honestly, consistency in anything is the secret sauce to success. Just keep at it, just keep doing it. Even when you don't want to.

For 30 days straight, you must follow a meal program that works for you and is balanced. I recommend following a macronutrient calculated diet. Protein and fat NEEDS to be at every single meal. Protein deficiency contributes to so many disorders in our bodies that we are often unaware of. Record this, take pictures of it. Get used to meal planning!!

Drink 4L of water each day. This prevents dehydration, and supports every single system in the body. Most of us are dehydrated and we don't even know it.

Work out every single day. I included a basic schedule for home or gym, and a cardiovascular program to help build endurance. You can follow your own workout program if you'd like. Stretching/mobility MUST be done every day.

Outdoor walking meditation each day is just a way for you to connect with nature, receive spiritual downloads from the elements, and connect with yourself. Rain, snow or sun this must be done each day and is arguably the most important piece of this program. Listen to a podcast during this time if you'd like. (Personal development) or some kind of guided meditation.

Journal entries on paper each day. This is important for self reflection, self growth, self-awareness, manifesting future realities and just participating in healthy emotional releases and dumps.  This must be done on paper, and not digitally. I have prompts on each day to follow.

Take a picture of yourself every day. This is done for yes, the physical changes you will see, but most importantly for the mental changes.

Read 10 pages of personal development or listen to a podcast that adds value to your life or health.

All of these things need to be done each day.

Stay structured, stay disciplined, but realize you are only human and not everything has to be hard. Sometimes it just needs to be done well. Well for you.

Here's to your health and success xo