75 Hard- My journey to becoming mentally tough

Last year, I started, and FINISHED a mental toughness challenge called #75hard created by the goat @andyfrisella And it was freaaaaaakin hard.

For 75 days, I ate NO junk food. No cheat meals. Hired a trainer. Followed a diet plan. I drank a gallon of water each day, read ten pages of personal development, and worked out twice a day. One at the gym, and one outside- rain or shine, and I live in the subarctic. If I missed even one of those things on any of those days, the 75 days had to restart. Thank God I didn’t have to restart.

I did this because I was a mess. The last three years have been traumatic, scary, unstable and unreal. This program overhauled me. It kept me focused, kept me consistent and kept me from losing my shit during a difficult time in my life.

Because guess what?? Every decision in life that we make has an effect on our future. Nothing in life worth having is easy. Nothing in life is easy, period. It’s easy to just lay down and die and give up all the time. So many of us never get to the good parts of life because the hard parts are “too hard” to get through. It’s easy to cry and play the victim. It’s easy to give up. There’s a lot of bad shit that people deal with every single day. Look at the state of our world right now. It’s awful. Your mental toughness is pivotal to moving through life and to stay moving. It’s the deciding factor on whether you push through hard times, or just give up.

I’m so happy I never gave up even though I wanted to. Even though I still want to. I’m as soft as they get, but I’m also one f of a savage.

I’m doing it again!!!! September 1- November 15

I’ve created a challenge group for anyone that wanted to join me. I wrote a guide to help follow 75 Hard and I’m so excited to dive in again!

Here we grow!

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