Practice Minimalism to declutter more than your physical space.

The art of living within your needs, holding onto items that you truly only need, is the new “fad” called minimalism.

However, for many centuries, minimalism was the only way to live. Thanks to modern society, we need “stuff.” Stuff for the kitchen, stuff for the bathroom, stuff for the kids, stuff for the camper, stuff, stuff, stuff!

After the new documentary “Minimalism” came out, people have been diving deep into this new lifestyle of living simply. Living with space, and living without clutter. In deeper concept, being a minimalist means living mindfully and truly knowing how to let go.

How can you live like a minimalist? Going through closets, drawers, cupboards and pantries, and selling, donating or getting rid of anything that is old or not usable. Getting rid of paper, clutter and oversized furniture that doesn’t fit your space. Cleaning out your garage or sheds, and getting rid of children’s toys that they’ve outgrown or simply don’t even need!

We hold onto “stuff” for the attachment of memories a lot of time, and not because the item provides a purpose. Or we hold onto items that we might need one day, instead of selling it and investing that money now.

Being a minimalist doesn’t mean living without, or not living smart or efficiently. It means living in the now, living simply and without stress. Imagine how easy laundry would be, if you didn’t have fifty shirts that were the same colour, or how easy it would be for your children to clean their rooms, if their drawers and toy chests weren’t busting at the seams.

Start small. Choose one drawer in your bedroom, and not only organize it, but clean it out. Get rid of whatever is not being used or hasn’t been used in the last year, or is holding onto memories that don’t serve you with positive energy.

There are many websites, documentaries and books that teach minimalism. Take a look and see if it interests you. You’d be surprised at how much lighter, freer and wealthier you might be when getting rid of “stuff.”

Check out the documentary below called Minimalism. Also available on Netflix!

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