Your life has a purpose

As people in Western society, we get so wrapped up in such mediocre things. Having nice furniture for our homes, a brand new vehicle every couple of years, having nice clothes and having all the “stuff.”

But do these items truly make us happy? So many people say money can’t buy happiness, but you could afford things that would make your life comfortable and therefore you would be happy. Those people still haven’t figured it out yet. They still don’t get it. Nothing you acquire in this lifetime will bring you true happiness. Happiness comes from inside of you, how you treat other people, how you spend your time and energy, how you serve people that have less than you. It does not come from a paycheque, and it doesn’t come from another person.

I got into a pretty bad accident in July on Highway 6 south of Thompson. I hit a moose that was around seven feet tall and I completely walked away with minor injuries. I had my two small daughters with me and we survived.

My vehicle was destroyed. As the afterthoughts keep creeping into my mindset, I can’t help but be grateful for such an impactful event and a second chance at life. The message I keep hearing is to smarten up. Nothing else matters in this world than living a life that you want to live. Nothing. You can’t keep waiting for a dream job, the perfect moment, the right amount of money or whatever it might be. Look at your life. If you don’t like it, change it and don’t look back. If it doesn’t work out, try again and keep looking forward instead of behind you. We walk around this Earth thinking we have nothing but time. We stare at our phones as if this is the only way to communicate, read, watch the news or interact anymore. We are wasting time.

If you could please just give a quick glance at your life and use this as your sign to wake up and get moving. Do it. Live your life and live it with integrity, passion and purpose. Don’t for one minute think that your reason for being on this Earth at this exact moment in time is by accident. You’re here to do good work. To live a meaningful life. Now go live it.

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